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The Dohne Merino is a dual purpose sheep developed by the South African Department of Agriculture using Peppin-type Merino ewes for the fine wool and German Mutton Merino sires for the high quality meat.

The breeding program started over 60 years ago in South Africa where the progeny    were interbred and the best were selected for high fertility, rapid lamb growth rate and fine wool under commercial pastoral conditions. The selection has been improved since 1970 with the aid of performance and progeny testing.


Comprehensive production records are kept by all breeders and this information is sent to the Association where a computerized flock recording scheme is maintained. The Dohne was introduced to Western Australia in 1998 and is now bred in all states of Australia as well as New Zealand, following the united breeding approach initiated in South Africa.


The Dohne today is a well balanced dual purpose breed that can adapt to dry and wet conditions. The Dohne is a self replacing flock that makes it an excellent choice which allows the commercial producer to market both quality heavy weight lamb and fine wool. You will increase your income by introducing Dohne’s into your breeding program

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